Dr. Allyn Meyer

Dr. Allyn Meyer



Dr. Meyer was born and raised in La Jolla. She earned her bachelor’s degree at The University of Washington and her doctorate of veterinary medicine from the University of Illinois.

After becoming a veterinarian, she pursued additional training through an academic internship in avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery in Seattle, Washington. In addition to cats and dogs, Dr. Meyer enjoys providing veterinary care to a number of different species including birds, reptiles, aquatic, and small mammals. Her addition to the practice facilitates La Jolla Veterinary Hospital’s new chapter in practicing veterinary medicine for companion animals other than cats and dogs. Dr. Meyer is the only veterinarian in La Jolla that specializes in exotic veterinary medicine.

​​​​​​​When she is not practicing veterinary medicine, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, surfing, and camping. Dr. Meyer lives with her husband, 2 cockatiels, and a Catahoula mix.

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