La Jolla Pet Resort Boarding Policy

It is the policy of La Jolla Pet Resort to offer conscientious, affectionate, and individual care of each animal(s) left in our trust. We will provide clean, sanitary and safe quarters. Animals will be fed regularly according to owner's instructions. Any special medication will be administered as directed. All animals boarded or otherwise cared for will be handled without liability on the part of La Jolla Pet Resort from loss, injury, disease, fire or injury to persons, property or other pets by said animal. All pets are handled humanely and in accordance with Sec. 1834.5 and 1834.6 California Civil Code.

All pets must enter clean, free of fleas and internal parasites. If a pet enters a condition needing treatment, La Jolla Pet Resort will treat for fleas or take protective measures at the owner's expense. To prevent the spread of fleas to all of our boarders, an oral flea treatment (Capstar) will be given to all pets on entry for boarding at a minimal charge.

La Jolla Pet Resort requires veterinary certification of negative fecal within six months of your pet’s stay and current immunization. We also require that your pet have an exam within one year of their stay.

Dogs: DHP, Bordetella vaccine, or equivalent determined by the veterinarian. Rabies as defined by California Public Health Regulations.

Cats: FVRCP, FELV determined by the veterinarian. Rabies as defined by California Public Health Regulations.

Dogs Only: Dogs that are boarding at La Jolla Pet Resort will be walked outdoors at least two times a day. This requires the owner’s written release. By signing this form you are giving La Jolla Pet Resort your permission to exercise your pet outdoors during its stay at LJPR. I release La Jolla Pet Resort of all liability in case my pet escapes, or is lost, injured, or killed during these exercise periods.

I agree to pay the current daily boarding rate for my pet(s) and I understand that the fee is calculated on the calendar day (a charge for the day of drop off and pick up) like a hotel. I also agree to pay for any other services I may choose during my pet’s stay. Note: Check out time is 11:00 am

If my pet(s) was to become ill or require medical treatment, I would be contacted as soon as possible. In the event I am not reachable, I authorize La Jolla Veterinary Hospital to administer any treatment or medication necessary for the well being of my pet(s).

The owner agrees that by executing this agreement, the provisions hereof constitute a continuing agreement between La Jolla Pet Resort and the pet owner for any subsequent boarding with any owned pet.

I have read, understand, and agree with the above policy.

Signature of Owner, Care Giver


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