Laser Therapy For Dogs

Laser Therapy for Dogs

Are you a dog owner? If you are, you want your canine companion to enjoy the best quality of life possible. When your dog is in pain or uncomfortable, nothing is more important than alleviating their distress. In many cases, laser therapy can help your furry friend by reducing pain and inflammation. It can also help promote healing.

At La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, we take pride in being at the forefront of using new canine therapies such as veterinary laser therapy. It is especially so where our canine patients are experiencing pain and discomfort. Our veterinary laser therapy provides a drug-free, non-invasive, surgery-free, and pain-free treatment option.

What Is Veterinary Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is an increasingly popular non-invasive treatment option. It is also called low-level laser therapy, photobiomodulation, or red-light therapy. It involves deep-penetrating light energy to increase blood circulation and trigger cell regeneration.

More veterinarians are using laser therapy to treat dogs with soft tissue or tendon injuries, arthritis, and other conditions. This form of treatment releases endorphins to help relieve pain. It also stimulates injured or damaged cells to heal faster.

What Conditions Can Canine Laser Therapy Treat?

Nowadays, veterinarians use veterinary laser therapy to treat many conditions in dogs. These include:

  • Tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries.

  • Arthritis hip dysplasia.

  • Back pain.

  • Anal gland abscess.

  • Soft tissue and post-surgical trauma.

  • Degenerative disc disease.

  • Hip dysplasia.

  • Gingivitis.

  • Ear infections.

Benefits of Laser Therapy for Dogs

Laser therapy continues to show great results and promise when addressing the canine health problems listed above. In fact, at LJVH, we can apply laser therapy to any place we find pain or inflammation on your dog’s body. Some of the benefits of veterinary laser therapy for dogs include:

  • Traumatic wound healing.

  • Faster release of painful trigger points.

  • Surgical wound healing.

  • Nerve regeneration and improved nerve function.

  • Increased metabolism of specific tissues.

  • Reduced formation of scar tissue.

  • Faster healing of infections.

Laser Therapy to Reduce or Get Rid of Pain

Is your canine companion experiencing pain in a specific part of their body? If so, we recommend laser therapy. Laser therapy opens up blood vessels to reduce inflammation in the affected area, thereby relieving pain.

It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for collecting excess fluid from cells and tissues and returning it to the bloodstream. This results in reduced swelling and pain.

The treatment also uses lasers to stimulate any nerve cells that may be preventing pain signals from transmitting to your dog’s brain. That leads to decreased nerve sensitivity and reduced pain. The treatment also stimulates the production of high levels of endorphins, which further reduces pain.

Recovery From Surgery or Injury

Canine laser therapy can help during postoperative recovery. Laser therapy alone may be enough to trigger the healing process and alleviate pain in less severe cases. It can help strengthen tissue and muscle, accelerate healing, and immediately improve mobility.

Bottom Line

Your dog does not have to live in pain or discomfort. We recommend canine laser therapy for fast pain relief. Most of our canine patients relax during the procedure. It is common for some dogs to fall asleep during their treatment sessions. Any anxiety your pooch may be experiencing before treatment will quickly dissipate as the pain disappears.

For more on laser therapy for dogs, visit La Jolla Veterinary Hospital at our office in La Jolla, California. Call (858) 454-6155 today to schedule an appointment.

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