Cat Skin Conditions

Cat Skin Conditions

A feline's skin is a barrier protecting the body from the outside world. A skin condition compromises their protection, leading to a weak body defense mechanism. Skin conditions can lead to severe discomfort. The good thing is that a cat's skin is visible, making it easy to spot a skin disease.

At La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, we treat numerous feline skin conditions that can be frustrating for felines. The only way to know what your cat is suffering from is by bringing them in for a checkup.

Causes of Cat Skin Conditions

There are many cat skin conditions with similar symptoms, making it hard to determine the cause. However, the appearance and location of the lesion can provide a clue as to the cause. To come up with an accurate diagnosis, we will conduct many tests.

Some common causes of skin problems include:

  • Allergies.

  • Fleas and skin parasites.

  • Feline acne.

  • Ringworm.

  • Abscesses.

Skin conditions can also be over-grooming, sunburn, being overweight, skin growths, yeast or bacterial infections, and underlying health conditions.

Signs of Skin Conditions

Skin redness, rashes, bumps, scabs, sores, head shaking, and a bald patch or hair loss can indicate your cat's skin condition. Persistent scratching or excessive grooming can also indicate a skin issue. The condition does not always align with the cause since most cats have several symptoms.

Over time, pictures of the skin can help determine the cause of the symptoms. So, examining the cat's skin will allow us to diagnose the condition and recommend the best treatment.

What Your Vet Will Need to Know

We need to know when you first noticed the condition, whether it has become worse and if it is seasonal. We will also ask if you have tried home treatments, which can worsen the skin issue.

We also need to know their habits, diet, medication, and the parasite preventatives they use. It is vital to know if the cat spends time outdoors and if there are stressors in their environment.

Tips to Prevent Cat Skin Conditions

Prevention is vital for good health care, so you can protect your cat from developing skin conditions. A poor diet can lead to skin conditions, so feed your cat high-quality food to keep their skin healthy.

Other tips include ensuring that your cat maintains a healthy weight, using flea and tick control, and reducing stress. Talk to our team about the best diet for your pet and get assistance with their grooming routine.

Treating Cat Skin Conditions

Treating a skin condition such as yeast or bacterial infections often includes treating the underlying cause to provide relief. We will recommend ways to prevent the spreading of the disease, some of which include:

  • Medications.

  • Skin health supplements.

  • Ear cleaning.

  • Using medicated creams, shampoos, sprays, and ointments.

  • Wearing a unique collar to prevent scratching while the skin heals.

If your cat has a severe skin condition, the vet may refer you to a veterinary dermatologist.

For more on cat skin conditions, visit La Jolla Veterinary Hospital at our office in La Jolla, California. Call (858) 454-6155 today to schedule an appointment.

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