Laser Therapy For Cats

Laser Therapy for Cats

Lasers use deep-penetrating light designed to stimulate specific chemical reactions. The process promotes healing while also releasing endorphins to help with pain relief.

At La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, a licensed practitioner performs laser therapy to provide an effective alternative treatment. Laser therapy for cats is a non-invasive, pain- and drug-free option to treat various health conditions. Here is more information about the process:

Laser Therapy Procedure in Felines

Before the laser procedure, our vet will review the cat’s medical history and conduct a physical examination. They may require a urinalysis and blood work before performing the therapy. Diagnostic imaging may also be necessary to detect any irregularities in the treatment area. However, the cat will not need shaving or sedation before laser therapy.

The vet will restrain the cat and hold the laser device for the treatment duration. The laser energy gets to the desired location and produces a warm sensation that most felines find pleasant. Therapy can take two to eight minutes, and the vet will most likely schedule a follow-up session.

How Effective Is Vet Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is highly effective for relieving pain and reducing swelling and inflammation. Since it does not require anesthesia, you need not worry about associated risks, and it speeds up the healing process.

The treatment process releases endorphins, which leaves cats feeling more relaxed. The therapy works fast, with most felines showing signs of improvement within 12 to 24 hours.

Recovery After Vet Laser Therapy

A typical therapy session can last between eight to 12 minutes, and the cat returns home immediately after treatment. Signs of improvement are usually evident in a day or two, though it will require several sessions until completion.

The duration or number of sessions will depend on the cat’s condition, disease severity, and treatment location. The cost of the treatment will depend on the length and number of sessions required to resolve the issue.

Benefits of Laser Therapy for Cats

Laser therapy is safe and effective and can be used to treat acute feline conditions. Other benefits of the treatment for cats include:

  • Faster-wound healing.

  • Increased metabolic activity.

  • Accelerated cell growth.

  • Tissue repair.

  • Improved nerve function.

  • Reduced scar tissue formation.

Laser therapy has no known side effects. However, the cat will require protective eyewear or goggles to shield the eyes and prevent damage.

Conditions Treated With Laser Therapy

We believe that laser therapy can treat several feline health conditions, which include:

  • Back pain.

  • Arthritis.

  • Open wounds and lacerations.

  • Muscle and ligament injuries.

  • Neuromuscular disease.

  • Degenerative joint disease.

  • Chronic and acute ear infections.

  • Post-surgical trauma.

  • Helping with tooth extraction and gingivitis healing.

Chronic or acute conditions require multiple treatments.

If your cat is experiencing discomfort, pain, and other symptoms like limping or decreased activity, she may benefit from laser therapy. Our veterinarian will provide a customized treatment plan for your cat.

For more on laser therapy for cats, visit La Jolla Veterinary Hospital at our office in La Jolla, California. Call (858) 454-6155 today to schedule an appointment.

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