Kitten Care

Kitten Care

At La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, we draw upon our love for kittens and years of experience to ensure cat owners are well informed. Proper kitten care begins with a wellness exam from a veterinarian, deworming, vaccinations, and other forms of care.

Proper care and training when your kids are young will improve the odds of them growing up to be well-adjusted, healthy adults. The same principle applies to kitten care. Your new furry companion deserves the best start in life. Some of the fundamental aspects of kitten care to consider include:


We recommend feeding your kitten high-quality kitten food to ensure a balanced diet. Pet care professionals advise against giving kittens cow’s milk. So if you adopted or plan to adopt a kitten, ensure they have easy access to clean, fresh water.

Avoid Treating Your Kitten Like an Adult Cat

A baby’s needs are different from those of a teenager or adult. In the same way, the care requirements for kittens are distinct from those of mature cats. Also, consider your cat’s various stages of development.

  • Caring for a Kitten Aged Four Weeks and Under

Between four to five weeks, most kittens start eating solid food. If you adopted an orphaned cat, this is the time to start weaning them onto solid foods. You will also need to keep the kitten’s environment safe and warm, in addition to helping the cat defecate and urinate. Your veterinarian will teach you everything you need to learn.

  • Six to Eight-Week-Old Kitten

When kittens are six weeks old, they can eat canned and solid kitten food. Start your kitten on vaccinations to prevent various feline diseases. Your kitten should get vaccinations every three to four weeks until four months old.

  • Eight Weeks to Six Months Old

By this time, your kitten will look like a miniature adult cat. They will still need dry or canned foods formulated for young cats. It is time to start trimming your kitten’s nails, grooming and bathing your cat. Also, get your young cat used to traveling in a carrier and using a scratching post.


Mama cats usually take care of their offspring’s hygiene. But if you adopt an orphaned kitten, you must learn how to keep them clean and healthy. For example, wipe your kitten’s face with a fragrance-free wet cloth. You can also bathe your kitten if they get into something messy and smelly.


We recommend playing time to help you bond with your little furry friend. Kittens are naturally curious and playful. They love expending their energy by interacting with their human companions and chasing cat toys.

It is a good idea to socialize your kitten with other family members, including animals in your household. At La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, we understand that proper interspecies interaction and overall pet behavior require responsible, sustained, and hands-on social development. That said, kitten care can be fun if you are actively involved in the process.

For more on kitten care, visit La Jolla Veterinary Hospital at our office in La Jolla, California. Call (858) 454-6155 today to schedule an appointment.

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