Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology

As technology improves our work, digital radiology is becoming popular in veterinary practice. In our practice, radiographic equipment allows us to diagnose and treat various conditions faster and more efficiently. When you have a sick pet, quickly identifying the issue is crucial.

At La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, we use radiographic equipment to detect the source of illness.

How Digital Radiology Works

X-rays can play a crucial role in disease diagnosis. However, traditional X-rays add extra time and stress to the patient and produce lower-quality images. The time-consuming process requires the animal to remain still in an uncomfortable position.

Digital radiology involves the use of electromagnetic radiation to obtain images. The radiation goes through the body, and a detector picks up the images and displays them on a digital screen. The radiography equipment helps improve animal care through improved efficiency.

Convenient Diagnostic Option

Digital radiology offers convenience in the field of veterinary medicine. The process is quicker than using traditional X-rays. The images are stored digitally, ensuring fast and easy access and viewing.

The files can be sent to a specialist conveniently where necessary, and storing the images for future use is easy. Our practice uses advanced machinery that produces high-quality, detailed images that can be enhanced for better viewing. The ability to change the contrast or zoom in creates better images.

Benefits of Digital Radiology

There are several reasons why we choose to use digital radiology. Some benefits of the technology include:

  • Producing clear images of bones and internal organs.

  • Fast and safe technology.

  • Reduces the need for invasive diagnostic procedures.

  • The images help us plan treatment for common conditions.

  • Imaging helps guide us during medical procedures.

Dental Digital Radiology

Our veterinary team uses digital radiology not just for the body but also for dental purposes. If your pet has a dental issue, the technology can help diagnose it. Dental digital radiology allows us to view the anatomy of the pet’s mouth. It includes seeing the teeth’s roots and surrounding bone tissues.

The images can help detect fractures, joint degeneration, and other oral issues. Digital radiology is safer than traditional radiology as it emits less radiation.

Preparing for Digital Imaging

You should be well informed if your pet needs to undergo digital radiology. Our team will discuss the process and help you prepare your pet. It is essential to keep track of your pet’s imaging history.

The images are helpful when discussing your pet’s treatment plan or during an exam. They help in diagnosis and determining the best treatment procedure. Our team is ready to discuss the benefits and risks of the imaging procedure to give you peace of mind.

Digital radiography offers more flexibility, and it is more convenient for pets. The images are received within minutes and are interpreted by qualified radiologists. The best images help ensure a more accurate diagnosis. Your pet can receive the safest and most effective treatment.

For more on digital radiology, visit La Jolla Veterinary Hospital at our office in La Jolla, California. Call (858) 454-6155 today to schedule an appointment.

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