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Hospital Manager

Fatima moved to San Diego from Boston, Massachusetts in 2021, where she then pursued her lifelong passion of working with animals at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant. Fatima has over 15 years of management experience with leading large groups of individuals in several different career avenues. When the opportunity arose to become a Hospital Manager of LJVH, she jumped on the opportunity. “The La Jolla community deserves to have a best in class hospital and I am here to make sure myself and my team are upholding these standards of care, always! All the pets that come in make me so happy; but it is that human connection, that smile, that hug, that laugh, that make me feel like I am making a difference in the community. And that that’s what sets my soul on fire.”

When Fatima is not engaging with the community and working on the hospital’s success you will find her enjoying life to the fullest. Fatima is happily married and her and her husband live with their 44-year-old parrot, Petee. Fatima enjoys being active in nature whether that is hiking, walking, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, or relaxing and soaking up the rays and listening to music. With a background in Mental Health work, Fatima has become an advocate for people who suffer with mental illness and enjoys speaking about this prevalent topic.

Theresa, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Theresa moved to San Diego in March of 2013 and, a month later, found her home at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital. She has been in the veterinary industry for more than 20 years, and obtained her RVT license in 2017. Theresa is passionate about our patients, and has a special interest in anesthesia, surgery and dentistry. Theresa has also been a kitten foster mom and enjoys making our feline patients as stress-free as possible during their visits. When she is not at work, she is likely baking, finding the best food in San Diego, or walking her 3 legged rescue pup, Pebbles.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Bella is from Alabama originally but lived all over the world due to her dad being in the Navy. She has always loved animals and would always beg her parents to take her to the ranch to pet and ride the horses when she was young. She has had many pets ranging from dogs to the cutest bunny named Nala. She originally started her La Jolla Vet journey in boarding and grooming but quickly showed her passion for the veterinary field and began cross-training on the hospital side and now is an integral part of the success of the hospital. She is currently in school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician and hopes to get licensed in the summer of 2023. When she isn’t at work or in school Bella loves being outside and soaking in the California sunshine. She is often out hiking all the trails the area has to offer, or out in the city visiting the many restaurants and different cuisines San Diego has. For Bella, work isn’t just a job she goes to, La Jolla Vet is her home and she can’t wait to see all the furry friends in La Jolla, especially if they are a French Mastiff or bulldog!

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